MGB V8 Links

Commercial Suppliers

TSI Automotive Supplies various V8 parts. Always very helpful on the list.

MG Guys Supplies various V8 conversion parts. Always very helpful on the list.

The Buick Farm. Supplier of NOS Buick parts. Quick shipping. Online ordering

Classic Buicks. Extremely friendly. Good prices. Decent catalog.

Genco Starters Very friendly. I didn't pay a core charge or shipping!

Andy's MGV8 Parts  Page shows a little bit of everything.  I have not personally dealt with him

MG V8 Newsletter  MGV8 Newsletter: Dedicated to MGV8 conversions and the V8 conversion pro

Useful Reference Pages

MGB V8 BBS archive Go to V8 BBS archive

MGB V8 List archive This archive has lots of useful information.

MGB Conversions Lots of pictures of conversions

V8 Conversion How To A good how it was done article

MGV8 Convention Very nice site with engine bay pictures.  I hope to attend next years convention.

Canadian V8 Page Page for Canadian V8 owners includes V8 links and other info.

Stuffing a V8 into a British Sports Car

V8 Conversion How to (Different than Above) Another start to finish how to. Written especially for those on the other side of the pond.

TR7 Conversion Page Page lists the cars where one would find a Rover 3.5L

Jims MGV8 Page Page has an excellent link section, that covers also covers the aftermarket vendors, Edelbrock, MSD, etc.

If I've missed your V8 homepage, please let me know:

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