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This page contains some of  the chronical of the V8 conversion of my 1973 MGB. Most of those looking at this site, will have probably assisted me in some way from the mgb-v8 mailing list on If you haven't subscribed to the list, this is a must do for anyone pondering a conversion. Without the help of the list, I would have never considered starting this conversion.

Diary and Pics of My Conversion

Buick Factory Manual

Here is the first 4 pages of the technical data from a 1961 Buick Special Factory Workshop Manual. It includes the bolt specs (size / torque) for all the fasteners on the 215. Hopefully, this will be of use to someone who hasn't already purchased the manual. If I get a chance I will post all of the pages from the engine section. They were a lot of help to me. Be patient, the files are around 150k, but they were legible when printed on a laser printer.

Buick 215 Specs Page 1

Buick 215 Specs Page 2

Buick 215 Specs Page 3

Buick 215 Specs Page 4

Current Cost of V8 Conversion

Lessons Learned

Please take a minute to fill out any lessons you have learned during your conversion, or things you would do differently, if you had it to do over. 

Lessons Learned Input

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Other V8 Conversions

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You will find a list of all the other conversions that have filled out the survey  It is interesting to see what people are using.

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