In the following, I will try to describe my route to converting my 1973 B to a V8, using a 1977 body tub that I picked up really cheap. It is by no means a complete explanation of how to do the conversion, and is certainly not the only method. There are as many different methods as conversions, and everyone has their favorite ways. Please take this information as just a diary to my personal conversion method. The writing will be pretty conversational in nature, maybe I'll eventually clean it up into something of a more formal step by step procedure.  I have tried to keep the pictures small to make the pages load faster, but all the pictures should link to a larger picture file for more detail. This is by no means an instruction manual, so use any information contained within at your own risk.

There are probably those who are reading this wondering if they have the mechanical ability to do the conversion. My background , I'm a 25 year old project manager, with a BS in mechanical engineering. I purchased my first MG, a 75 Midget that I paid $500 for back in college. I didn't do anything mechanically to that, and had no prior experience working on cars. I purchased my current 73B in 1997 after graduating college and followed the tried and true, learn by doing method. After 2 years, I've pretty much had every part of the B apart, suspension, engine, electrical, etc. So far, I haven't been able to find anything that wasn't pretty straight foreword mechanically. I think that average person can easily work on these cars with a decent manual and some patience. There is one significant point that must be made about the knowledge needed for the conversion. If you are converting a Chrome Bumpered B (CBB) there will be welding that is needed. But you could easily have a shop do this, or find a friend to do the welding needed for you.

A complete list of the costs for the parts and where I sourced each part is at :  Costs

A list of useful links, as well as links to the vendors can be found at:  Links

I.     Tools Needed

II.    Information Gathering

III.  Engine Purchase

IV.  Transmission, Bell housing, etc.

V.  Steering

VI. Exhaust

VII.  Electrical (Starter, Distributor, Alternator)

VIII.  Oil / Cooling

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